Practical Exploration - Planning and Implementation

A new one-day course designed to provide a practical framework for identifying, assessing and pursuing exploration opportunities from the idea through to post-appraisal. The course is focused on Canadian exploration but can be adapted to meet other needs.

Who should attend? Geologists, Geophysicists, Landmen, Engineers and other disciplines working with, administering or managing exploration projects or teams.

Why is there a need for this course? Exploration projects are unlike other projects pursued in the Petroleum Industry in that the final result is highly uncertain. Currently available courses are directed towards either effective project management where the goal is clearly understood or focus on statistical analysis to handle risk and uncertainty. This course bridges the gap between these two types of courses by providing a practical approach that focuses specifically on exploration.

What can you expect to learn? Practical steps, techniques and resources that should enable you or your team to both speed up the exploration process and achieve better results. This course will not cover detailed statistical evaluation or technical aspects of generating exploration prospects.

What about the Instructor? Dave Russum has spent more than 25 years assessing and pursuing exploration opportunities as a company geologist, manager and consultant. He has seen a large number of successes, failures, inefficiencies and surprises in the exploration side of this Industry. This experience provides a unique perspective that should assist other Explorationists to improve results.

When is the course available? Course is now available for in-house presentation. Companies can have the course tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Cost? This will be negotiable depending on the number of participants and specific corporate requirements.

Contact: Dave Russum (403) 284-4775, (403) 813-4457 (Cell)