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Presentations, Papers and Courses

Available for in-house or public review. Contact Dave Russum (403) 813-4457 for information.


21st October 2010 - Dave Russum presented a paper entitled "Evaluating Unconventional Gas - The questions we need to Answer" at the First CSUG/SPE Unconventional Resources and International Petroleum Conference in Calgary

3th September 2010 - At the AAPG International Conference in Calgary, Dave Russum co-Chaired and presented a paper on the 'Re-emergence of Conventional Oil in Western Canada'

3rd August 2010 - Robin Bertram and Dave Russum presented a one day workshop in Singapore entitled 'An Introduction to Shale Gas'

7th June 2010 - Dave Russum presented to the SPEE in Victoria, BC on 'The Arctic - Continental Necessity or Financial Liability?'

11th May 2010 - Dave Russum and Alexei Belonogovpresented on the 'The Re-emergence of Conventional Oil in Western Canada' at the GeoCanada 2010 Conference.

24th February 2010 - Dave Russum presented a paper titled 'Unconventional Gas - the Massive Paradigm Shift' to the Petroleum History Society at the Calgary Petroleum Club. Click here

21st January 2010 - When the CSPG's Luncheon Speaker was delayed in Houston, Dave Russum presented a paper on "Unconventional Gas and the role Geoscientists need to play in the evaluation and assignment of reserves in these plays".

"Evaluating Unconventional Gas Reservoirs - improving the Corporate Bottom Line" was presented by Dave Russum on June 22 2009 at the Dufour Conference in Calgary.

Dave Russum and Alexei Belonogov presented a paper and poster entitled 'Evaluating Unconventional gas - A comparison of the Barnett, Montney and Horn River - improving the bottom line at the CSPG Annual Conference in Calgary, May 4-7 2009

Dave Russum presented a keynote address to the CSUG 10th Annual Conference on Wednesday 19th November 2008 on "The Challenge of North American Gas - What the Dickens is going on?". He presented a similar paper to Genuity Capital's Unconventional Oil and Gas Conference in Toronto on 12th January 2009.

Dave Russum presented a paper to the Global Petroleum Conference: "Canadian Oil and Gas; Challenges, Trends and Opportunities in a Changing World" on 12th June 2008.

Dave Russum and Alexei Belonogov presented a paper and poster entitled "Is Canada Lagging in Arctic Development?" at the CSPG Annual Conference in Calgary, May 12-16 2008.

At the Gussow Arctic Exploration Conference in Banff, October 15-17 2007, Dave Russum and Alexei Belonogov presented a poster entitled "Time for Canada to Flex its Muscle in the Arctic?" on behalf of AJM Petroleum Consultants.

Insight Information Water and Land Use Conference, Calgary December 4-5 2006. Special Keynote Address: "Energy and the Environment – On a Collision Course?" For pdf version click here

  "Potholes in the Energy Highway" Conference Board of Canada E&P Strategy Conference, October 19-20 2006. For pdf version click here

The Canadian Gas Potential Committee (CGPC) publication - Canadian Natural Gas Potential, 2005, includes an appendix on the 'Accessibility of Resources' by Dave Russum.

"Western Canada Drilling - Barely Keeping Pace with Production Replacement" CERI - North American Natural Gas Conference, Telus Convention Centre, March 13-14, 2006. Click here for Adobe Acrobat version

"Future supply of North American Oil and Gas" Conference Board of Canada Energy Infrastructure Forum, Ottawa, Ontario. 30-31st January 2006. Click here for Adobe Acrobat version

"Forecasting Future Gas Supply in Western Canada." Conference Board of Canada "Improving Strategic and E&P Operational Planning in E&P Companies" Conference Sponsored by AJM Petroleum Consultants and Geologic Systems Ltd. The Westin, Calgary, December 5-6, 2005

"Status of Unconventional Gas in Canada and the United States." CSUG 7th Annual Unconventional Gas Conference, Telus Convention Centre, Calgary November 8, 2005 at noon. Click here for Adobe Acrobat version

"Exploration in a Mature Basin - examples from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin" June 21, 2005 - AAPG Annual Convention, Calgary, Canada. Click here for Adobe Acrobat version

"Overview of Western Canada's CBM Production and Potential." June 13, 2005 - The Canadian Institute Coalbed Methane Symposium, Calgary. Click here for Adobe Acrobat version

"The Importance of Unconventional Gas in North America's Energy Supply" March 14, 2005 - Keynote speaker, SPWLA Unconventional Reservoirs Symposium, Kananaskis , Canada. Click here for Adobe Acrobat version

"The Urgent need for Unconventional Gas to Sustain Canada's Natural Gas Production" Luncheon Presentation: CSUG and PTAC at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Calgary, November 18th 2004: Click here for Adobe Acrobat version. For feedback and clarification of my presentation please click here

"Trends in Canadian Oil and Gas Production - Where are we going?" by Dave Russum. Paper presented at the CSPG/CHOA/CWLS ICE 2004 Convention, Calgary, Monday May 31st 2004. Click here for Adobe Acrobat version of this presentation

"Canadian Natural Gas: Past, Present and ..... A New Model for Predicting the Future" Presentation to the TCPL International Institute for Resource Industries & Sustainability Studies (TC-IRIS) Seminar Series at the Haskayne Business School, University of Calgary, Thursday, February 26 2004. Presentation slides (Adobe Acrobat)

"Cows and Ostriches - Predicting Natural Gas Prices" Paper presented to Canadian Institute Conference on "Basin Deliverability in the WCSB", 26 June 2003. Powerpoint presentation - only download if you have access to Powerpoint and a high speed link.

Trends in the Canadian Oil Patch - A series of articles written for the CSPG - complete text can be found on the CSPG's website:

*** NEW *** Resource Development Model

Resource developments of many types in different parts of the World provide the basis for a new eight stage model:

1. Discovery, 2. Evaluation, 3. Development, 4. Growth, 5. Peak, 6. Decline (Denial), 7. Reality and 8. Abandonment.

Plays, basins or even complete resource industries can be placed in the model to readily understand current status and predict future trends.

This study is currently unpublished, contact Dave Russum for more information.

"The Changing face of the Canadian Oil Industry - Implications for exploration"

A new study looking at recent trends in drilling activity, M&A, the growth of energy trusts and the employment of geoscientists - what are the implications for future exploration in Canada? Currently in preparation as a Powerpoint presentation and paper for publication.

Material from this review will be presented as a monthly series in the CSPG Reservoir commencing in April 2003.

"Is Canada Running out of Gas? - the need for more and better exploration"

- A new, independent presentation providing an upstream look at the current natural gas supply and demand situation in Canada and the possible implications for future supply. A PowerPoint presentation is available for in-house presentation only. Summary of content.

An abridged version of this paper was published in the CSEG "Recorder", February 2003. A paper with this title was presented to the CSPG/CSEG Convention in Calgary, June 2003.

"Canada's Available Gas Resources"

Canada's undiscovered gas resources in Frontier areas, coalbed methane, gas hydrates and other unconventional sources are huge. However, much of this gas is inaccessible due to physical, technological or economic constraints.

 Short or medium term supply assumptions must reflect the realities of accessibility or Canada's 'cheap, clean energy advantage' will evaporate very rapidly.

Using some new approaches, this study provides some startling new information about Canada's future gas supply.

An abridged version of this paper is published in the May 2003 edition of CSEG Recorder.

"Practical Exploration - Planning and Implementation"

- A new one day course designed to give all Explorationists and those Managing or working with Explorationists a logical and efficient way to plan and assess Exploration Projects.

This course is not about statistics, risk analysis and economic evaluation but is focussed on practical approaches to the challenge of exploration and useful tips that should result in both better results and a shorter time frame to complete projects.

The course is available for in-house or industry wide presentation and can be adapted to meet specific client needs. Examples are currently focussed on Western Canada, however, the approach could be readily adapted for presentation anywhere in the world. A more detailed summary is attached.

Predicting Future Canadian Gas Supply

My first crude attempt to forecast future Canadian Gas Production and possibly the first published graph that suggested that Canada's gas supply peaked in late 2001. (This was a pretty radical view at the time!)

(Work done in the Summer of 2002 and published in the CSPG Reservoir in an article by Keith Skipper in February 2003.

"Exploration Strategies in the 21st Century - the end of Elephant Hunting?"

- Paper presented at the 2002 CSPG Convention that provides a new framework for describing and comparing exploration strategies based on analogy to hunting techniques in the animal kingdom. This approach is designed to give clarity to exploration strategies for both the Explorationist and the layman.

Summaries of this approach are available in: Hart's E&P (September 2002), Oilweek (October 7, 2002) and World Oil (October 2002). Other information is available here.

"The Canadian Operating Environment"

"Is the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin under-explored compared to US Basins?"

"Startegy for start-up Companies or Companies entering the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin"

Three papers that can be incorporated into a variety of presentations to provide background information for Companies considering entering or expanding in Western Canada.

"Natural Gas Potential In Canada - 2001"

- An overview for subscribers to the report by the Canadian Gas Potential Committee (CGPC). This presentation provides a useful summary of the CGPC study along with identifying some of the strengths and possible pitfalls of using the data.

 "The Discovery and Development of the Blackstone Swan Hills Gas Field"

Paper outlines events leading up to the discovery and subsequent development of the Blackstone Field identifying some of the successes and failures in the process and what can be learnt from the experience to apply to other exploration projects. Unpublished.

"Calgary to Canmore Field Trip"

Provides an overview of geology, energy and industry along the 1A Highway between Calgary and Canmore.. The trip can be adapted to different levels of interest or expertise to cover such aspects as oil and gas exploration, hydro-power, cement manufacture, coal mining, structural geology of the Rockies, landforms, history of the Bow Valley etc. A scavenger hunt or quiz related to sites along the way can be incorpororated.

Trip is appropriate as an overview for visitors, a fun team building event for multi-disciplinary teams or a formal geological field trip.

"Success or the Dismal Rat?"

A light look at the role of the Explorationist in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry, this presentation is a couple of years out-of-date but could be readily up-dated.

Contact Dave Russum (403) 813-4457 for information regarding these presentations and courses.